Christian Programming


We use the Alberta Learning Curriculum supplemented by biblically based Christian education with the inclusion of Divine Creation as an alternative to the theory of evolution in the study of origins.

Teaching for Transformation (TfT) - curriculum from The Prairie Centre for Christian Education

Threads for TfT Classroom Teaching that are woven in every lesson

Threads for TfT Classroom Teaching that are woven in every lesson

Core Practice #1 - Every Christian school classroom must have a powerful and compelling vision of the Kingdom that creates a longing and desire within every student to play their part in God's unfolding Story of redemption.

Core Practice #2 - Biblical Threads - Every Christian school classroom must have an articulate and inspiring student profile that invites every student to imagine how to play their part in God's story.

Core Practice #3 - Formational Learning Experiences - Every Christian school classroom must provide authentic (real work, real problem, real audience) opportunities to practice (habits) living in the Kingdom story.

Core Practice #4 - Every Christian school unit and topic must be seen as being sacred - a divine opportunity for the student to enter into a deeper relationship with their God.

TfT believes that every unit and every learning experience will tell a  story.  The TfT Design Tools and Template intentionally guides the teacher through a creative design process that helps them to discover God's Story in each topic.

...Teacher's design learning experiences that help students discover God's fingerprints in all things.  In the TfT world there is beautiful interplay between each unit's "Stuff" and "Story".  Teacher's become exceptional Christian-Story tellers, with the hope that every learning experience will become truly transformational for every student.

What exactly do my fees pay for?

The tuition fees that are paid by families are directed by the Board (CHREDA) for specific programs and initiatives.  The following is a list of different programs that CHREDA pays for:  All Bible curriculum, Grade 5 and 6 camp Nakamun retreats,  the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) Student Leadership Retreat, the ACSI yearly Teacher's convention and the ACSI yearly Board/Admin convention.  Christian guest speakers and presentations as well as Christian curriculum for classrooms (bibles, workbooks, devotions, posters, worship music etc.) 

Various School activities (School Spirit) are financed by the Board.

CHREDA sponsors a variety of Christian guest speakers throughout the year to come into the school and talk to the students.

The Board secretary (Kerri Wiens) and our Chaplain (Elaine Baillie) are also governed by the Board.

Fees for 2019-2020